How do I train?

I was shocked to notice I have never really written anything about training on here :-O I do a lot on my Instagram, but it’s been missing on here oh-oh!

Just a quick sporty history:

I was brought up very active. My mum tried sticking me in a ballett class but I ended up thumping another girl so that chapter ended pretty quickly. At age 5 I started self defense which then developed into martial arts (I did JiuJitsu and Taekwondo up to the age of 14 and fisnished off with the brown belt- I am proud to this day!).

My Dad is a golf professional, so parallel to the martial arts my brothers and I were handed a golf club really early on (my first swings were done in diapers).

I played golf until I was 18, sometimes even semi-competitive and I won a couple of amateur tournaments. At the age of 11/12- next to the martial arts and golf and horse back riding- I started playing field hockey. I did that until I was 19 and was a trainer for 2 years even!

At the age 15 I signed up at my first gym and ever since I have been working out with weights too!

2011 I moved to Vienna, quit hockey, golf, riding and martial arts and remained in a gym.

God, just writing this makes me confused haha.

In 2012 I did my first half marathon, in 2013 my second on. I hate running and I think I atcually hated it at the time (what a waste of time and knees).

In 2013 I started kickboxing again and did this semi-competitively for three years. But due to changes in my private life and work, I had to quit this too, but kept doing it for myself.

Our Austrian kickboxing champion is also my really close friend now- and this month I am joining her at her summercamp in Obertauern (Salzburg) for an intense week of training.

But- I have always sticked to one thing since I was 15- lifting weights and everything fitness!

As you can see- I have done A LOT. I have also gone through numerous training guides and plans.

Thing is- I workout to feel good, to become stronger, faster, more skilled at certain movements and to maintain an athletic and lean physique. I enjoy looking good, I have to admit (not wanting to sound cocky at all!).

Right now I focus on the things I am good at, and things I enjoy (and might not be good at). I have some exercises I want to master (pistol squats, handstand stuff, splits, many chinups etc.) but you know bottom line is… I am not doing a competitive sport so I have stopped forcing myself having to stick to any kind of plan.

However, these are the things I try to do in a week:

  • Mobility and stretching/Yoga (I can do this at home)
  • Full body strength- alternating intensities and euipment (mainly Big 6)
  • 2-3 HIIT
  • 1-2x LISS ONLY if I am sedentary most of the week

This month I am doing the following split (I train 6-7 days a week):

  • Upper Body Strength (Push/Pull) + 2x4min TABATAS (HIIT) + 5min treadmill sprints (up to 20kmh)
  • Lower Body (T-Bar Romanian Deadlift – Hack squats -Sumo squats; Legpress, waking lunges) + 2x4min TABATAS
  • 2-3x HIIT (I teach two classes a week and I’ll sometimes do LesMilss SPRINT on a Wednesday night)
  • BACK focus: Lat pulldown (narrow and wide), row variations + 1x4min TABATAS (battle ropes) + 10min sprints (10-15sek + 20 sek rest) up to 20kmh (that’s our treadmills maximum, I need to find a way to increase it)
  • Fun fullbody workout/ with ABS finisher- whatever I feel like/fancy (even if it doesn’t make any sense haha)

I am trying to increase strength and speed- especially to see how I can do this month at the training camp!

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

All in all I have noticed that this kind of training not only is the most fun- but the most challengig and it blesses me with great results after a very short period of time!


Let me know your toughts- and also let me knwo if I should write more about my training 🙂

I share most of my trainings in my Instagram-stories, so don’t forget to check them out!


Take care!

Holly xx

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