What The April?!

I had so many ideas/ideals (perhaps too many) to focus on this month. The past 4 weeks have gone by like a whirlwind- well actually the entire year so far. So I decided to do a review of this month. My personal experiences, learnings and thoughts. As I write this up I actually need my calendar, so many things have been going on! I hope you enjoy this kind of post, it’s a little more personal than usual.

Let me start with the end.

I am a little exhausted- not entirely in the bad way. Reaching personal limitations is always a good way to reflect, learn and grow. As much as I managed to stick to my routine in the first quarter of the year this month has been a bit of the contrary. I set up my weekly goals, mapped out the daily to do’s and targets and found myself having to settle with less than normally. BUT- on the other side this month blessed me with so many new experiences and blissful moments I wouldn’t of had otherwise!

These are the things I track regularly:

  • Weekly Training/workouts
  • Meetings and deadlines
  • Budgets and work related goals
  • health routines (skincare, nutrition and me-time)
  • time-batching for social media, household chores and free time for friends and family
  • Events and activities outside of work

I keep everything in a separate Journal apart from my calendar- so I always have a good overview to reflect on. I’ll use this overview to give you the matching insights for this month!

1.-8.4.: The month started with a bank holiday right after my week in Morrocco with Pedram. As usual we kick off with (perhaps too many) meetings leaving less time for the daily business and catching up on emails. The best part of the short week was definitely highighting my team’s acchievements for the quarter! They absolutely killed it and I am so proud of my girls!

The first week’s highlight was our 6. Fitness Festival Vienna at Holmes Place Hütteldorf (7.4.)– for those who don’t know it’s a super fun event combining the vibes of a club (live DJ- funky lights) and extraordinary fitness experiences thanks to group exercise Ssecials, challenges, fitness foods & protein shakes and loads of motivated fitness addicts! We’ve been hosting these events all over Vienna for a year now and I’ve always been involved in the set-up and group classes (bootcamps and FloatFit). This time I was more or less a guest for the first time, not having to play a secific part in the event! I got to enjoy a premier giving LesMills Barre a try and had loads of fun chatting to close partners like NEOH (they have created a revolutionary crossbar- a delicious chocolate candy bar with the macros of a protein bar!) and friends. I can only recommend you take part at one of these events in the future- the atmosphere is amazing!

LesMills BARRE with Julia Scheve (Photo credits to © Mila Zytka /


9.-15.4.: Only  a few days later we packed our bags and set our alarm to 4am- off to the IMG_20180414_102408_721FIBO in Cologne  (11.-14.4) with our friends from NEOH and ANOVONA– two Brands that have my full support and appreciation! The days at the FIBO were a brand new experience- we are definitely going again sticking to the first two corporate days (thursday and friday) and avoiding the hassle of the weekend (it’s insane how many people go there- actually it’s insanity itself!). My biggest highlights were meeting up with old and new friends from all over the place! It’s just the best

Loved reconnecting @Scapegoat Hamburg!

Feeling connecting with like-minded people, who are full of energy and drive! The fitness industry is stick sky-rocketing into unknown spheres and it kept me amazed at what’s going on out there! You can basicaly live on

The Squad.

supplement samples and workouts while you make your way through the massive areal. Now that I know what the deal is I will be a little more prepared next year on using my time and energy more wisely! I was shocked by the way some brands must have stuck thousands into their booths and activities- in some cases it was so over the top. While trend scouting for exciting new nutrition products and sustainable bits and bobs I was a little disappointed by the lack of innovation for this specific area, but I guess it’s just still too niece- Equipment and group exercise on the other hand offered awesome stuff! Sports fashion was also good, the Expo prices are definitely attractive, but we didn’t go crazy. One thing that did make me feel old or even conservative was that this whole social media thing around fitness is totally hyped and a bit annoying- people getting in queues to pose with Instagram stars and grabbing all the daft samples possible but hardly recognizing oldschool Allstars of the business or appreciating all the gadgets and new products in the medic, physio and equipment halls. It will be interesting how sustainable this influencer stuff prooves to be in the future, when the target age-group and ist stars grow older.

Meeting up with a legend!

16.-22.4.: Back home with loads of motivation and sleep deprivation it was back at catching up with the Business from work, leaving me a little overwhelmed. I wanted to keep up my 5-6 workouts, health routines, sleep and work related targets but just about missed all my goals. Oops.

Hardly recovered, the following week offered a (slightly escalated) Team Party and night out. Oh I do like my drinks a little too much sometimes *sigh* and had to suck it up having to teach my HIIT class the next morning. You can imagine.

Next up that same day (21.4.): off to Salzburg to support two business-ladies on their


road to launching their new luxury cosmetic in the name of sustainable and natural skincare (Killing Kindness )! A 3 1/2-hour hungover and sleepy drive (I didn’t drive thank god) got us there safe after all  and we enjoyed a super fun event with the best host and locations for the night (no drinks for me- but lots of avocado maki and a late night escalation at McD- yes this may happen twice a year and no regrets were involved. Despite me feeling completely physicaly defeated, the day and night in davSalzburg was absolutely beautiful. The city is so conscious of green energy sdrand public transportation- our hotel was also one of the highlights! I never thought that the MotelOne concept was so green and sustainable! Fresh, local and organic breakfast, clean and minimalist rooms for a super low price! Will be keeping my eyes open for more of these while on short trips


23.-29.4.: Sudden realisation that the month is almost over and I am not superwoman. I think I will have to re-do my last Headspace Meditation pack on Prioritization again since everything feels like all over the place. I am still bubbling with ideas and the list of things I want to do is SO LONG. Bute this week taught me that even if you want to, running on an empty tank won’t get you anywhere.dav

I had two workouts beginning of the week but I am resting to re-start on tuesday, 1. of May. It’s been so quiet at work since the weather is way too good for April so it’s a pitty I have to rest this week when I’d actually have more time for training On friday we had another Team Event at a new outdoor resort called Barracuda- we are aiming for this to become our „5th Club“ so that we can offer our members more than just indoor Fitness! It was nice, free BBQ’s are always a winner and getting together with the team outside of the offices is always nice!

After running some errands yesterday (28.4.) I have been resting and relaxing ever since (this doesn’t happen very often- there is always something going on) and I will continue these vibes on tuesday (it’s a bank holiday). In times when you feel like you aren’t getting anything done- go have a look back like I just did with you guys. Unless you fell into the black hole of Netflix for a month, I bet you still got loads done, or at least collected new experiences and life lessons!

So this is what I am doing next- instead of stressing over incomplete to-dos or unreached IMG_20180429_132122_626[4921]goals, I am proud and grateful for this month with all it’s ups and downs. It taught me a good lesson that sometimes you need to let go of routines and habbits to let more things happen, things you might not have experienced otherwise. May is going to be a lot gentler, so I am looking forward to get my game back on again!

I hope you enjoyed this type of blogpost, please leave me your thoughts in the comments xxx






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